Project Description


The client seated the next task: strong internet presence with a unique and exclusive website which will include a full showcase and a list of all their products with separate description for each item. Also it should have a very convenient and easy way to add or delete products from the showcase through the control panel.

The main goal was to attract visitor and make them call the company phone number. After a deep research for this specific business field we started to develop the whole idea. At that point we understood that we will have to have a strong graphic design in order to make this project stand out of the crowd. In the same time we had to keep the navigation simple and intuitive.

On the first page we have placed all sections and subsections, which made all the goods looking good and easy-to-find.

Here is how the product description page looks like.

By the way, product description page was executed modular window, which kept the whole list of goods visible as in a photo gallery.

As a result we got exactly what we had planned and what the client wanted. Indeed the site looked different from its competitors all of this because of a personal approach to each project. We have arranged the structure of the web site in way that the potential client could find any item just in 2 clicks.

Adding new items through the control panel was very easy, after 10 minutes training our client was able to do it by himself. Working on this project was very fun and interesting.

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