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Worry Free Website

With our Tech Support plan, we have you covered! Have a worry free website!

Additional  services:

What you will get from our tech support?

1 – Excellent defense from hackers and viruses.
2 – Free hosting and domain.
3 – Timely correction of any technical problems on your web-site.
4 – Hosting administration.
5 – 20% off on the next order.
6 – Content update for your web project.
You can be sure that your web-site will work 24/7.

Video graphics

We do  perceive 80% of information visually. That is why video presentation is the best way to deliver the information to your clients.

■ Your company’s presentation
■ Your business’s presentation or your annual report
■ Presentation of your goods or services
■ Convertation PP to video

Audio services

■ Professional audio voice over
■ Advertising videoclips

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